Traditional healing

Traditional healing refers to health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating First Nations healing and wellness while using ceremonies; plant, animal or mineral-based medicines; energetic therapies; or physical/hands on techniques.

Traditional medicine consists of health knowledge, skills and practices based on indigenous beliefs and experiences, which use animal, herbal or mineral-based medicines and/or spiritual therapies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental illnesses and for the general maintenance of well-being.

My goal is to help us remember Who We Are, and make the connection back to the divine force for healing through shamanic practices and the ways of our ancestors. Many aspects of our modern world and personal traumas, sufferings, and illnesses come from a disconnection to nature and spirit. These difficulties can actually be stages of transformation, remarkable healing, and spiritual awakenings.

Traditional medicine comprises medical aspects of traditional knowledge that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicine. Wikipedia

sangoma healing Spells

  1. Voodoo Love Spells
  2. Love feast.
  3. Best time for love magic.
  4. Spell for calling your true love.
  5. Love spell for achieving harmony.
  6. Simple Love Spell.
  7. Attraction spell
  8. Getting Back With Ex: Tape Spell
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  10. Amulet for the attraction

I’m a powerful native spiritual traditional healer with-established methods passed down from my ancestral healers to another to treat a person suffering from various illnesses, many of which have psychological underpinnings. Methods used by my traditional healing formulas include the use of roots, fetish dolls, voodoo dolls, and the smoking out of a possessing spirit or spell.traditional-healer

My traditional healing herbs include a no. of powerful herbs such as;

  1. Fertility / pregnancy herbs
  2. Herbs for impotence and erectile dysfunction
  3.  Herbs for stopping miscarriages.

My herbs are very powerful and the results are extremely effective. I use specially harvested herbs that have been used for centuries by ancient healers. Most of these herbs are collected from different parts of the world such as the Amazon forest in Brazil, the Mountains of Egypt and the river banks of River Nile.